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Refresh a 1TB+ database in under 10 seconds

  • In-Person @ 1 Tyler Drive Yarmouth, Maine, United States (map)
  • 11:30 - 13:00 Eastern Daylight Time
  • Language: English

Maine PASS User Group March Meeting

Lunch and Learn Session at Tyler Technologies


Featured Presentation:

Refresh a 1TB+ database in under 10 seconds

Andrzej Pilacik, Senior Database Administrator/Solution Architect Bracebridge Capital

The presentation covers recoverability options in SQL Server over time. It will take us through many different ways of recovering a large 1TB+ database. It will also walk us through many different options for creating development/test/uat environments. It will highlight the benefits and shortcomings of these options while delivering a business value of each. It will also evaluate a high level ROI of each of these options. Finally, the presentation will focus on an architecture based on SAN technologies with respect to SQL Server. I will demonstrate an architecture put in place resolving many business needs in a financial trading environment, working with large data sets and many different environments. This section will highlight the benefits of using SQL Server together with newer SAN solutions and show the potential for reliability, scalability, and the delivery of a high quality HA/DR solution. That is where things get interesting...

About Andrzej:
Senior Database Administrator / Solution Architect at BraceBridge Capital 15 years of experience in Database Platforms, SQL Server 7.0 - 2014, Oracle, PostgreSQL Microsoft Certified Professional - SQL Server Working with large data in Healthcare, Insurance, and Financial Sectors Architecting HA/DR solutions Working with DW, SSIS, SSRS

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